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Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Normally, I try not being an a**hole (unless justified of course.)

And I would not usually castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views.

So, if you castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views on a subject, situation, or circumstance, you could very well be an a**hole too.

Not in all instances, but sometimes.

However, not in this situation.

We The People must speak the Hell out about an act that takes stupidity to high-art…So I defy you to give any credence to/defend this act as “kids being kids” or it being a “fad” or people “just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame” BS.
Who in their right mind would eat a chemically laced soap pod? A poisonous soap pod.
If you willing put alcoholethoxy sulfate, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate or propylene glycol (just a few of the toxins in Tide Soap Pods) in your mouth, you’re pretty much an a**hole.
Personally, I’d rather eat butternut squash – raw- than a Tide Soap Pod. (And that’s saying something!)

Stop making stupid people famous for doing really stupid things. 

A new year and a new start

Positive vibes for the new year

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” – Plutarch 

I agree, and I also think that to better to know oneself is to better know our world. Look at oneself from the outside in, and maybe we’ll better understand our world.

As we embark on this new year, I want to share this with you: my thoughts on trying to make change, and better understand our world, to better help our little corner of it…

In daily life, we must wield a keen eye on what lies ahead (as well as what lay behind)

Only fools tread blindly into a future – acknowledging not what History has consigned.


Is our world at the moment, a world we want to see thrive?

Then we cannot sit idly by, watch it implode, aiding its decline


Our world needs harmonic balance… And it sorely needs it now

So damn those who wither at challenge, then to it manifestly bow


Let’s “put it out there” to make change, with or without witness

And proclaim loudly: what others think of us, is really none of our business


What’s real in today’s technical world is often unfathomable

And trying to maintain humanity is sometimes unimaginable


Martyrs and minions blubber “make change,” yet cowardly gawk up at Life’s stage

Afraid to step to the plate, swing for the fences – and thus affect a change.


 I implore us to never mistake compassion for weakness

…Nor think passionate expression is rage.


 It’s tiring, hearing from the masses who do nothing about “making change.”

So be not afraid to step from the Darkness and express a positive rage.


Ever so sadly…people, places, and things we love, sometimes fear to engage.

So that’s when we grab the bull by the horns, pull together – and create a world of change.


In this first week of 2018, I honestly hope we can find the correct balance and get the world back on track, steady the ship, and set sail toward sunny shores.

Because *we* (the hypocritical society of today) often talk a good game,  frequently judge the living hell out of others, but don’t really want to give up our little sliver of (manufactured material) worth…when we could build an abundance of potential riches by creating a better world for all.

A little time. A little more compassion. 

And if the doom & gloomers must feel doom & gloom, keep it yourselves (unless you offer solutions to help the cause.)

It would be splendid to rediscover the potential of our Better World.

…A real world that we can resuscitate, make come to Life again.

A world where reading (books) is encouraged. Creativity is nurtured.  College degrees are not always required. Where blue collars are valued as much as white collars, and both can thrive on a level playing field.

A world where history and society’s elderly are revered and respected. A world where the youth learn life’s lessons through experience and engagement, not only though technology and virtual reality. There’s more to life than just drop-down menus, texts, and tweets.

Yes. Yes…I know, we need technology. I can’t live without it either. (Especially, iPods, You Tube, Facebook, and Google.)

But we should control it. Not the other way around. It’s taking us over in many ways.

That’s why we need to change–and adapt–our world, ourselves. Post haste.

We need a world where neither Wall Street nor Madison Avenue dictate who and what we should be. We need a world where media stop making talent-less, moronic, hate-filled, unscrupulous people famous (and rich.) 

We need a world where the few with power and prestige are there for those who need compassion and understanding…to offer a hand-up when needed, and a pat on the back to encourage greater effort. Negative reinforcement rarely works to gain hearts & minds.

And we all need to respect those who struggle–those who struggle to “make it” on their own.

It’d be cool to see a world where every hardworking, decent person has a chance to “make it.” Not a guarantee to make it, just a damn fair chance to try to make it.  

Good luck with that!

We most certainly need a world where old friends offer a little more quality time to teem with childlike joy at sharing memories and moments of levity from a bygone youth.  (BTW, “sharing memories” is not “living in the past” as some naysayers will assert.)

Let’s create a world where everyone accepts anyone who wants to grow, learn, and become better. (But not be an a**hole doing it.)

We need to encourage others who are less fortunate to become better at whatever they want to do…whether doctor, plumber, artist or laborer; teacher, truck driver, or tennis pro. It matters not, so long as he or she does his or her level best; they can take pride in who they are and what they do, and feel good about it. And afford to live on it. It takes all kinds to make a world.

Give ’em props’ for contributing to society. Whatever the profession, we need to respect the person pursuing it.

Everyone should get a fair shot to grab the brass ring on the carousel of Life. We only get one chance on this merry-go-round, so why not ride it together and enjoy the hell out of it while we can! Life is too short, so we better ride those rails ‘til we run out of track.  

The more we live, the more we learn.

…And I’ve learned that if change is going to occur, it’s got to start with me. With you. With us.

Please don’t mistake being positive-in-thought as being Pollyanna in practice.

Yo! I’m a proud, working-class, streetwise kid, and wholeheartedly believe *we* have to thump the bad guys, hold evil accountable, and show some big brass balls to “make change” and (proverbially) Storm the Castle – to ensure that the good deeds smother the negative ones. So if you don’t agree, step aside to let us pass…WE ALL must now speak Truth to power.

Ya gotta kick some ass sometimes to do so.

Admittedly, in my past, I’ve gone off the rails, but I have learned from the many ups and downs endured. And now feel an obligation to share a little insight and knowledge from unique perspectives and worldly experiences.

Thankfully I came through possessing a little more wisdom (with battle scars to keep it real.) 

Mainly I survived because of support from cherished friends, family, and my wonderful wife (and our dog) to keep the flame of Hope alight for a long time to come…and to help illuminate our world to make it bright for friends of the future.

…And positive vibes is something for which we must also strive!

This hearkens back to why I share these personal thoughts, hopes, and dreams: we must live and learn. And learn to live…Live better in “The Now” without negating or nullifying other people’s pursuits and passions.

We’ve got to keep our feet on the ground, yet continue forward to make our world a little better for the youth of today and the people of tomorrow.

Let’s leave a better world than the (current) Powers That Be have bequeathed to us; and start kicking ass to keep humanity’s positive development on par with technology’s.  

It’s not going to be an easy row to hoe, so we need to buck-up!  

There’s an ancient proverb which states:  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So, coming soon, my dog & I will be taking single steps to produce content for our YouTube Channel, writing more stories and essays for our blog and other media…and will fervently try and make a difference in our little corner of the world, taking one step at a time on the arduous journey to understand it. And share good (realistic) vibes as we chug on down the road.

Not sure how it’ll work out, but we’re gonna give it a shot. 

2017, you didn’t defeat us; so, bring it on, 2018! You can’t kick’ our ass either!

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