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Wacky Weed infused Cannabis Gravy

Getting high with gravy

OK…With the obvious familial “debate” inevitably to occur on Thanksgiving Day – spanning every tantalizing topic from football to free market trade to the amino acid tryptophan (which put Grandpa to sleep in the Lazy-Boy) – unrelenting madness and terror is most certainly to ensue! Just as sure as the green bean casserole will be…Continue Reading

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Normally, I try not being an a**hole (unless justified of course.) And I would not usually castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views. So, if you castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views on a subject, situation, or circumstance, you could very well be an…Continue Reading

A new year and a new start

Positive vibes for the new year

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” – Plutarch  I agree, and I also think that to better to know oneself is to better know our world. Look at oneself from the outside in, and maybe we’ll better understand our world. As we embark on this new year, I want to share this with you: my thoughts…Continue Reading

Elections in the US

Post Election Observations

My post election observation and thoughts (after hearing “the word on the street” AND reading social media posts): In my opinion, MOST politicians are not really “working for the people” as they claim, nor care to. They don’t really care about YOU. Only your money and curbside appeal. Remember that. They’re working to line their…Continue Reading

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“Thar she blows!” What was the mariner thinking (or doing) who first bellowed that? …When I was a kid, that seaman’s proclamation made me titter. Speaking of which, the word “titter” still makes me titter. There are many nautical terms, mariners’ cries, and sea shanties that spew forth double entendres, stimulating the senses, continually confounding…Continue Reading

Politics as usual. It’s getting sickening.

Politics as usual. It’s getting sickening.

Well, whether Republican OR Democrat, it seems abundantly clear that BullS**T is even more ubiquitous in any and all politics – and spewed from every orifice of any and all mainstream politicians. It matters not which party is in control…Chaos will be King, and the masses will huddle around their mobile devices to see memes…Continue Reading

Joe Duley Bio

BIO: JOE DULEY I’m a City Boy, an east coast urbanite of Italian-Irish descent who was raised in my Italian immigrant grandparents’ home. I’m well-traveled and have lived abroad (but I have never actually mowed a lawn.) Among other places, I have also resided, worked, and played in Washington D.C.; Philadelphia; Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland;…Continue Reading

Happy birthday MTV

Happy birthday MTV

Happy birthday to an iconic international cable TV channel! Back when MTV aka Music Television was actually Music Television (and actually showed music videos on television) first hit the airwaves, times were different in the world of media, politics, and sports (but fast-changing, and not necessarily for the better in many cases.) Today, people can “buy followers”…Continue Reading

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