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Joe Duley’s Media and Creative Bio

Joe Duley Bio



I’m a City Boy, an east coast urbanite of Italian-Irish descent who was raised in my Italian immigrant grandparents’ home. I’m well-traveled and have lived abroad (but I have never actually mowed a lawn.)

Among other places, I have also resided, worked, and played in Washington D.C.; Philadelphia; Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland; Portland, Maine; Chepstow, Wales; London, and my favorite place on earth: NEW YORK CITY.

I’m a versatile, high-energy media talent whose quick-witted and distinctive broadcast personality make me equally at home on either side of the camera or microphone. My background is primarily in broadcasting, creative content producing, media, sales, and marketing & promotions: I started my career in New York City working behind the scenes for two of NBC’s late night television shows while studying at the New York School of Visual Arts.

I’ve worked behind the scenes on more than one hundred TV commercials, webcasts, music videos, and public service announcements. I continue to produce on-camera, audio, and media content with people from all over the world.

My on-air radio broadcasts have been heard coast to coast on XM Satellite Radio, worldwide on BBC Radio and various other U.S. radio stations from the Baltimore and Washington DC markets to Portland, Maine. I’ve produced radio talk shows as well as being an on-air host and moderator for interviews, news broadcasts, and other specialty programming.

I’ve bylined an entertaining array of articles and essays for magazines and websites, and hosted “Joe Duley’s Blog and Grill” and “Dining with the Duleys” shows.

My creative loves are writing, storytelling, and engaging with people. I’ve kept a journal since I was a precocious nine year old mischievous kid, acquiring knowledge, wisdom, street smarts, uncanny powers of observation, peppered with ballsy-ness and bravado –  now I share some of my stories, encounters, events, and essays from the past, present, and various travels around Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and of course, the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Currently, I’m a freelance creative content producer & writer residing with my wife and our dog, Courtney, in the Greatest City in the World: New York, New York.

I strive to always look on the bright side of life, stopping to smell the roses, but do so in my colorful,  streetwise, cynically-optimistic way. 


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