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Meeting and conversing with people in the park.

Dog Day in Central Park

Duley and his Dog

Dogs make the world a better place.

Dogs are super beings (in most cases) save for the yappy ones owned by Dowagers on Park Ave (who provide more comfortable beds for their pedigree pooches than most of us can ever hope to own.)  

For the most part, dogs make many people smile.

And dogs are our best friends, companions, and confidants too.

Dogs understand life in the simplest way: they choose to be happy.
…With each wag of a tail, a dog sees the positive in humanity…even when we humans refuse to act humanely.

So we at Salubrious Creations want to share pawsitive vibes with you (to get you through the dog days of this topsy-turvry world) and invite you to share our tribute to The Dog.

My dog in particular. She’s the best person I know.

Welcome to Duley and his Dog – An ongoing Saga

Confucius Sexy Scrolls at The Guggenheim Museum

Confucius Sexy Scrolls at The Guggenheim Museum

It’s the little things in life that bring forth great joy on a humid Friday in June.

Before work this morning, the dog and I were chillin’ in Central Park in the shadow of the Guggenheim Museum; sipping our iced coffee (sans cannoli) when we were approached by a surly young couple from Manitoba, Canada (who “hate New York City and all things to do with commercialism in America” – even though they both were wearing the new Dick Tracy/Apple wrist watches. Also, I didn’t give rat’s ass what they thought as I just wanted to sip a cool coffee in peace with my dog – but they told me anyway.)

Yet they still asked for directions to one of “New York’s  typical boring museums.” 

Well, my first instinct was to say G.F.Y.S, but I refrained (as I already had my morning coffee.)

Instead I told them The Guggenheim – which by the way was right behind us – was holding a special exhibit of Confucius’s Scrolls.

This piqued their curiosity. I told them there was an archaeological dig which unearthed some of the more saucy and sexy of his sayings.

This really piqued their interest now.

They actually believed me when I said the expedition was funded Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, so it’s considered “modern art”.

They asked again where the Gug’ was located.

So, the dog and I pointed behind us – to the big-ass ROUND building on 5th Ave that has “Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum” scrawled across it.  

“Oh, OK, cool.” said the dude as he typed something into his Dick Tracy/Apple watch.

Then his gal pal asked if I “bothered to go in and see it” with an air of haughtiness. 

“Oh yes,” I retorted, as the dog looked at me as if  to say WTF?

“Yes, I did. You see the scroll which has caused a great stir amongst the papal crowd as it’s quite popular.”

“Hmmm?” they both hummed. “Why? What does it say?”

With a straight face, I warbled in my most distinguished east coast urbanite tone: “Confucius say – Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.”

They looked at me and the dog for a moment, said their thanks, then reluctantly asked for directions to the Met’.

Duley Noted Dog Walks

Duley Noted Dog Walks

Strange Bedfellows and streetwalkers in New York

Dog walks and road rage

“If we weren’t all crazy, we’d just be insane” to paraphrase Jimmy Buffett. For instance: On our morning stroll toward Central Park, before heading to today’s gig, we happened upon a rather odd exchange – an exchange  of which the dog and I were involuntary involved (by virtue of laughing our asses off at the escapades which ensued.)…Continue Reading

Duleys and The Dowager

Duleys and The Dowager

Duleys and the Dowager: Whilst on a lovely Happy Hour K-9 stroll (looking for an outdoor café which serves Heineken or Amstel) heading towards Lex’, the dog and I were stopped by a presumptuous Dowager from the tony section of Park Ave.  After she gave a braying laugh of acknowledgement when I said, “tis a beautiful day”,…Continue Reading

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