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True, funny, strange, or crazy behavior we see (and share with stories) when traveling around New York City.

Only in New York: Bratty Kids on ice cream jags

Only in New York: Bratty Kids on ice cream jags

Sometimes while grocery shopping in NYC, it’s difficult to negotiate the narrow aisles.

And sometimes it’s even more difficult not to yell “you wretched little imp” to a ten year old kid who swings open a freezer door in the frozen foods section and hits you squarely in the head as your’re reaching for the last carton of Breyer’s Vanilla Fudge ice cream (which was on sale.)


At first I questioned the parentage of the kid – thinking he was a spawn of Satan – as I saw horns protruding from his little skull; but after my sight fully returned I realized they were actually earbuds to an iPod.

When the ringing in my ears stopped, I noticed he was wearing a Ramones tee-shirt, so I let the incident pass (for the moment.)

Any ten year old who wears a Ramones tee-shirt, blatantly hits me in the head with a door as I reach for ice cream, and then grins mischievously: has my respect. 

Indeed, my respect. 
…NOT forgiveness.

Five minutes later in aisle seven (the spice, dressings, and cooking oils section) our carts passed. As he and his mother were looking at some foo-foo salad dressing (I can’t even pronounce), I grabbed a bottle of vanilla extract and tossed it into their cart without them taking notice. 

Yes, it might be a tad bit immature, but…
He started it.


Only in New York – Drunk man drops trou near diner

Only in New York – Drunk man drops trou near diner

Only in NYC:

On the way home from the gig this evening, passing by Andrew’s Coffee Shop on 35th and 7th, I (along with dozens of other folks) witnessed a drunken dude standing by the huge window of said diner yelling at a “No Parking” sign.

He suddenly stopped yelling, adjusted his tie, turned on his heel, and staggered close to the window facing the diners inside who were – until that moment – enjoying a nice meal on a cool Manhattan evening.

…In one swift motion, the drunken dude quickly dropped trou’ and showed the dinners his ding-dong in all its glory.

He displayed that thing like it was the diner’s Blue Plate Special.

He pressed it right up against the glass window while several tourists, a waitress, two construction workers and a bike messenger stared in disbelief. Even I gave pause.

Drunk or not, that took a lot of balls (no pun intended.) Other than yelling at the No Parking sign and the above mentioned Anthony Weiner-like indiscretion, he seemed like an ordinary business man on his way home from happy hour.

The entire show lasted about fifteen seconds.

Most pedestrians just kept on truckin’ by. And several of us were laughing at the entire incident.

What else could we do? There was nothing any one could do!

So, I kept on truckin’ too. Strolling toward the R train at 34th street…LMAO thinking to myself: I’m glad I don’t have to clean that window.

Well, that’s what it’s like in Midtown on a weekday evening heading to the R train.

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