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Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Normally, I try not being an a**hole (unless justified of course.)

And I would not usually castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views.

So, if you castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views on a subject, situation, or circumstance, you could very well be an a**hole too.

Not in all instances, but sometimes.

However, not in this situation.

We The People must speak the Hell out about an act that takes stupidity to high-art…So I defy you to give any credence to/defend this act as “kids being kids” or it being a “fad” or people “just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame” BS.
Who in their right mind would eat a chemically laced soap pod? A poisonous soap pod.
If you willing put alcoholethoxy sulfate, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate or propylene glycol (just a few of the toxins in Tide Soap Pods) in your mouth, you’re pretty much an a**hole.
Personally, I’d rather eat butternut squash – raw- than a Tide Soap Pod. (And that’s saying something!)

Stop making stupid people famous for doing really stupid things. 

Elections in the US

Post Election Observations

My post election observation and thoughts (after hearing “the word on the street” AND reading social media posts): In my opinion, MOST politicians are not really “working for the people” as they claim, nor care to. They don’t really care about YOU. Only your money and curbside appeal. Remember that.

They’re working to line their pockets and get votes to continue doing so. One needs the other.

And so it goes.

As long as the reward outweighs the risk, who cares about doing right by the people. Ye suckers!

The NYC Mayor’s office has been marred by scandal and numerous accusations and alleged corruption. Hey! But it’s New York City. “…we don’t care, as long as our party wins.” Who cares about scandal, corruption, or malfeasance – as long as “our guy doesn’t get caught.” Hypocrites, all!

Whether you want to accept it or not, the overwhelming majority of ALL politicians equate raising money as the apotheosis of political success and “integrity.” How much money can our guy/gal raise?

Sadly, THAT is the metric by which the Political Machine measures viability.

The Powers That Be don’t actually give credence to character or actions (with words and deeds.) It’s all about the $$$.

Proudly, I’m an unapologetic political Independent – and find both sides tainted; thus I also find that there will never be equal respect (between the two party system which is destroying America in my opinion.) Especially when people hurl barbs after a victory (which is usually only based on how much $ is raised, not based on merit)…this is the game The Powers That Be want you to play.

It causes more bad will and manifests the BS that is dividing and destroying our country at the moment.

The Victors should stop gloating and start F’n governing (for The People) instead of keeping the populous busy with “hey (opposition) ‘nana-boo-boo’ our pie is bigger than yours..we won! We won!”

We The People need to be better informed and stop giving too much attention to the judges on “Dancing with the Stars” and paying more attention to what the Judges on Supreme Court are saying and doing. If more people stood on line to vote as they earnestly stand on line to buy the latest Apple product (which everyone will have soon enough anyway, so you’re not that special) maybe We The People would be better informed and not so divided.

NYC had very low voter turn-out…and so I say, we get what we deserve.

Wise up, and start to make a difference in your little corner of the world.

Stop complaining.

Open you mind.


Dr. Seuss birthday

Dr. Seuss birthday

  I LIKE OLD SCHOOL. Big props to one of my fav story tellers. It’s the birthday of Theodor Geisel, street name: “Dr. Seuss.” If he was alive today, he would pimp-slap the living s**t outta society – starting with YOU! Yes, you…who propagate the BS that’s crumbling civil discourse. He’d be like, “yo, Mofos,…Continue Reading

For the love of winter

For the love of winter

An invigorating dog walk along the East River soothes the soul and eases the mind when its overloaded with negative stimuli brought on by life’s external forces – and then compounded by its confluence of the many modes of communication (or lack thereof.) So a vigorous stroll and an afternoon coffee often does the trick…Continue Reading

John Lennon Happy Birthday

John Lennon Happy Birthday

October 9th, is a very cool day for Musickind: John Winston Lennon bopped into this world and gave us some of the most profound lyrics and tunage – ever! He’s a complex personality who (like most of us) wrestled with demons. Regardless, he was a person who touched the world with his words. There are…Continue Reading

International Happy Day

Don't worry, be happy

It’s International Happy Day! Seriously, it’s actually been decreed by the U.N. (The only administratively positive action of note they’ve done lately.) So, in light of the way things are going in our world currently, I’m going to accentuate the “Happy Side” of life today: I’m happy that I have a lovely (understanding, patient) wife.…Continue Reading

Read a Book Instead of Taking Debate

Read a Book instead of watching debates.

Are you sick of the debates? Sick of politics? SICK OF ALL POLITICAL DEBATES? Me too. So, I’m attempting to not watch any more debates (until after the conventions.) Best defense against being emotionally ravaged by today’s political debacle: Read. Be informed. READ MORE! Especially books on history and other cultures.   It’ll open your eyes. Every…Continue Reading

Scrooge you Holiday Music Haters

Scrooge you Holiday Music Haters

Tis the season in which to get in tune: So please don’t be a Scrooge, downer, or intolerant for the remainder of this year, especially when it comes to holiday tunes. There’s more to this month than meets the eye. At this time of the season, I try to respect others who possess a holiday…Continue Reading

Politics as usual. It’s getting sickening.

Politics as usual. It’s getting sickening.

Well, whether Republican OR Democrat, it seems abundantly clear that BullS**T is even more ubiquitous in any and all politics – and spewed from every orifice of any and all mainstream politicians. It matters not which party is in control…Chaos will be King, and the masses will huddle around their mobile devices to see memes…Continue Reading

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