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Wacky Weed infused Cannabis Gravy

Getting high with gravy

OK…With the obvious familial “debate” inevitably to occur on Thanksgiving Day – spanning every tantalizing topic from football to free market trade to the amino acid tryptophan (which put Grandpa to sleep in the Lazy-Boy) – unrelenting madness and terror is most certainly to ensue! Just as sure as the green bean casserole will be the least-eaten (“crappy tasting”) side dish, a verbal brawl will breakout between the in-laws over Power-of-attorney of “Crazy Aunt Gertrude’s” estate once she goes “belly-up”.
So…here’s a better way to deal with the chaos of combative cousins and sassy siblings as you dodge a drunken uncle whose proclivity to talk more loudly with each can of Budweiser he guzzles (inciting his shrew-like wife to scream “pipe down you raving lunatic!” at the top of her lungs as she downs her fourth glass of boxed wine from 7/11.) Nightmare isn’t it? Well…why not “dope ’em up” BEFORE dessert is served? They won’t even know what hit ’em! You can moderate the mood, guiding it from malignant to merry in a matter of mellow moments…And do so before Grandma’s vodka gimlet kicks-in (compelling her to extol the virtues of the hot water bottle and accuracy of anal thermometers “back when kids walked to school up hill -both ways – in the snow” then trails off and wanders into the neighbors yard.)
THAT Is what COULD happen…so here’s an article that may simmer-down and soothe the most bombastic of buffoonish argumentative boobs at Thanksgiving dinner: Cannibals gravy. Yes, that’s right… a wavy-gravy could curtail this conundrum allowing you – and all – to enjoy a heartfelt celebration with the “whole fam-damly” this Thanksgiving.🦃
So, here’s to wishing everyone Happy Holidays – from all of me to all of you!
(And may the Buffalo Bills at least cover the spread of the Cowboys game.) 😎

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Do not eat Tide Soap Pods. It’s stupid.

Normally, I try not being an a**hole (unless justified of course.)

And I would not usually castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views.

So, if you castigate a person for (calmly and respectfully) expressing his or hers views on a subject, situation, or circumstance, you could very well be an a**hole too.

Not in all instances, but sometimes.

However, not in this situation.

We The People must speak the Hell out about an act that takes stupidity to high-art…So I defy you to give any credence to/defend this act as “kids being kids” or it being a “fad” or people “just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame” BS.
Who in their right mind would eat a chemically laced soap pod? A poisonous soap pod.
If you willing put alcoholethoxy sulfate, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate or propylene glycol (just a few of the toxins in Tide Soap Pods) in your mouth, you’re pretty much an a**hole.
Personally, I’d rather eat butternut squash – raw- than a Tide Soap Pod. (And that’s saying something!)

Stop making stupid people famous for doing really stupid things. 

Elections in the US

Post Election Observations

My post election observation and thoughts (after hearing “the word on the street” AND reading social media posts): In my opinion, MOST politicians are not really “working for the people” as they claim, nor care to. They don’t really care about YOU. Only your money and curbside appeal. Remember that. They’re working to line their…Continue Reading

Joe Duley Bio

BIO: JOE DULEY I’m a City Boy, an east coast urbanite of Italian-Irish descent who was raised in my Italian immigrant grandparents’ home. I’m well-traveled and have lived abroad (but I have never actually mowed a lawn.) Among other places, I have also resided, worked, and played in Washington D.C.; Philadelphia; Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland;…Continue Reading

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