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Central Park Horse Show and Shenanigans

Central Park Horse Show and Shenanigans

Horses in New York City.

Back in the late 90’s, I started to compose an essay on horse racing, but was thrown off track due to my cousin Gary’s win at the Wood Memorial in NYC.

He was the winning horse’s trainer.

It was quite the celebration.

Similar to Captain Bodgit (my cousin’s winning horse) I changed course around the proverbial final turn.

I wanted a more saucy story! And I found one.

It’s a little known fact that I was the first Italian/Irish Male to pose as a New York City Debutante named “Gertrude B. Hornay” – whose stomping grounds was in Central Park; and inadvertently, by doing so, broke down barriers for working class dudes to wear tight pants and knee-high boots (without getting their asses kicked at sports bars.)

Being such a groundbreaker made it a little rough at times. 

It was a struggle to trot out amongst equestrians named “Muffy” and “Biff” who looked down their noses at me because I rode around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir bridle path (straddling a western saddle, drinking a beer, and shouting “hi ho silver, away!” while cantering onward to competitions in which I was not registered as a participant.)

It was a crazy time for all.

Speaking of which, it’s going to be crazy times with the Pope chillin’ in midtown doing his papal thing. 
Traffic will be a living Hell (no pun intended.)

…So why not hoof it over and check out cool and nicely adorned horses in Central Park (that aren’t in front of a carriage driven by Irishmen name “Paddy”.)

A horse show in Central Park!

It’s going to be a cool day indeed in New York City!

Personally, I’d rather bet on horses than ride them, but this event looks to be pretty cool:

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