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Dog Day in Central Park

Duley and his Dog

Dogs make the world a better place.

Dogs are super beings (in most cases) save for the yappy ones owned by Dowagers on Park Ave (who provide more comfortable beds for their pedigree pooches than most of us can ever hope to own.)  

For the most part, dogs make many people smile.

And dogs are our best friends, companions, and confidants too.

Dogs understand life in the simplest way: they choose to be happy.
…With each wag of a tail, a dog sees the positive in humanity…even when we humans refuse to act humanely.

So we at Salubrious Creations want to share pawsitive vibes with you (to get you through the dog days of this topsy-turvry world) and invite you to share our tribute to The Dog.

My dog in particular. She’s the best person I know.

Welcome to Duley and his Dog – An ongoing Saga

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