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International Happy Day

Don't worry, be happy

It’s International Happy Day!

Seriously, it’s actually been decreed by the U.N. (The only administratively positive action of note they’ve done lately.)

So, in light of the way things are going in our world currently, I’m going to accentuate the “Happy Side” of life today: I’m happy that I have a lovely (understanding, patient) wife. I’m also happy to share my life with the world’s coolest dog; and happy for my most incredible friends.

Culinarily speaking: PASTA, PIZZA, and ITALIAN FOOD!  I’m also happy that there is pasta – in abundance. And I’m over the moon (happy) for the round doughy and gooey delicious saucy disc as it hits my eye “like a big pizza pie,” That’s amore! And what does one need to say about Italian food? It speaks for itself.(Toss in a Peroni or pint of Guinness, and it’s euphoric.)

Vino: Very happy for the fermented grape otherwise known as wine! With assorted cheeses are even better.

Nature and desserts: the simple things like a walk outdoors with your dog and enjoying confections.

So….I’m extremely happy for Central Park and Cannoli and cappuccino as I walk my dog!

Speaking of which, we’re off to Central Park…a place that makes most everyone happy.

PS Don’t worry; I’m still optimistically cynical about most things in today’s world, but choosing to look at the glass as half full. (And hell-bent on replenishing it.)

Carpe Diem fellow inhabitants of earth.

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