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Read a Book Instead of Taking Debate

Read a Book instead of watching debates.

Are you sick of the debates?

Sick of politics?


Me too.

So, I’m attempting to not watch any more debates (until after the conventions.)

Best defense against being emotionally ravaged by today’s political debacle: Read.

Be informed. READ MORE! Especially books on history and other cultures.  

It’ll open your eyes.

Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up (and we’re gonna be stuck with the tab and footing a bill we don’t have the money to cover – again.) 

We The People cannot afford to bounce another check!

What unobservable part of today’s current political situation is a contributing factor for some people to spout-off like uniformed morons (regardless of political affiliation) pretending to be in-the-know and experts – especially those who’ve never voted nor can name the Three Branches of Government? 

Besides being A**holes, perhaps lack of reading books? 
Good books!

That’s what I do.

When my wife watches The Bachelor on Monday nights, I’ll read a book, wrap my ears around the i-pod, and chill. And in all fairness to my wife, she watches said program out of morbid curiosity. The same reason I watch the evening news and the NFL.

So I challenge you – yes, YOU! Read a book a month. 

Hell, even a book every two months…Or read a monthly magazine (whose main topic is NOT The Kardashians nor features an editorial on The Bachelor.)

Over the last few months, I’m hearing convos on the streets of NYC which are frighteningly ignorant. 
And some people need to step-up, and get down to reading.

I’m doing my part.

My current book: The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir.

Turn off the boob tube for a bit, put down the smartphone, and start to stimulate the ol’ grey matter in your noggin’.

The brain is my second favorite organ and I like to stimulate it.

You should too.

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