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Scrooge you Holiday Music Haters

Scrooge you Holiday Music Haters

Tis the season in which to get in tune: So please don’t be a Scrooge, downer, or intolerant for the remainder of this year, especially when it comes to holiday tunes.

There’s more to this month than meets the eye.

At this time of the season, I try to respect others who possess a holiday spirit – whichever holiday spirit it is they may possess. (For there are many celebrations celebrated this time of year, so it’s cool to be cool to everyone.)

I’m all for folks celebrating their different beliefs or [respectfully] sharing their different opinions. I’m all for giving our fellow Man (and fellow woman) a wide berth to practice, believe (or not believe) whatever they wish to celebrate (or not celebrate) every December.

It’s not just Christmas for which this magnificent month of the year is renowned…there’s a deep and diverse history to how The Big D came to be: The party hearty month.

That’s why I’m hopeful people will stop busting chops about “December being just about Christmas.”

Damn it!

…It’s about more than just a biblically oriented holiday celebration. 

It’s also about the music!

This is a great time of year when people – for whatever reason – seem to be just a little less dooshy to one another.

Way back when, Pagans partied at this time of year and begun the tradition of giving of gifts…they encouraged the celebratory spirit to boost morale amongst the masses during the Dark Days of yore before i-Phones, the Kardashians or environmentally unfriendly Keurig.

The Norse celebrated this time of year by burning a Yule Log for twelve days. Those wacky warriors uprooted and dragged freshly chopped Fir and Holly trees inside their homes to scent-it-up and acknowledge the upcoming spring, welcoming the beginning of longer day light hours.

The Ancient revelers of northern Europe indulged mightily the last fortnight of this month as well, and they got down to business with hosting sexy sumptuous feasts and sharing the love in the most vivid sense.

The randy Romans got biz-zay indulging in the celebration of Saturnalia.

Celebrating Saturn, they ran rings around each other, lit ritual bonfires, burned candles, and slid one another aphrodisiacs to pay tribute to the soon-to-be brighter days (and saucier nights.) Is that a Doric (column) in your toga or are you just glad to see me?

In the Medieval times, the wild High Middle Ages gatherings made Syracuse University partiers look like tame teetotalers and tofu eaters.

December is a time to feel good!

It’s a magical month in which to experience merriment and mirth in all its forms!

The Winter Solstice. Hanukkah. Kwanza. St. Lucia’s Day. National Pepper Pot Day.  


…December is a great month which ushers in brotherly love and celestial celebrations in different manners and fashions.

As long as worshipers, revelers, or congregates are not hurting anyone – or just giving props to their peeps and rituals – let them do their thing.

 Let them sing Adesra Fideles from the rafters if they see fit.

If people from South America want to stuff and burn a straw man on New Year’s Eve, don’t extinguish the activity (as long as it’s done safely and with a permit.) Let it burn baby, burn.

Speaking of which, I say have-at-it people… if you want to burn Yule Logs, decorate doorways, or eat Chinese food and go to movies on Christmas Day, make it happen in a big-ass way.

If it feels good, do it: it’ll make everyone feel happy.

At this time of year, I find myself feeling better about humanity and singing along to holiday tunes emanating from every single speaker of EVERY.SINGLE.RETAIL.OUTLET.IN.AMERICA.

From Black Friday through the entire month of December, holiday music fills the air.

I embrace it. Appreciate it. And yes, celebrate it. (The music that is.)

Holiday music is cool, and for most people, invokes smiles and makes most people feel a little peppier.

…Again, I say most people, because there are those who (for whatever reason) are bred to complain about “this time of year” no matter how friggin’ festive the mood or how charitable an opposing organization may be – there are those who’ll still bitch about it.

Live and let live I say.

My friends and acquaintances concur.

For instance, some of my Jewish friends, Muslin friends, Atheist friends, and even my friend who’s a self-proclaimed “Born Again Agnostic”, love Holiday music. Seriously.

That’s something very cool to see in today’s world. People of different faiths who appreciate and respect other faiths’ music. It doesn’t mean you’ve turned your back on what you believe (or don’t believe.)

This proves how people of different faiths, especially at this time of year, can be more understanding, charitable and show self-control when expressing feelings – or letting others express theirs.

Be that as it may, it does take a great deal of self-control to not grab the bell of the Salvation Army dude’s unmerciful ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing…I digress.

Yes, we’d like to replace the bell’s clapper with the dude’s tongue, but that’s not in keeping with the holiday spirit.

So, we let it go, smile, and keep on truckin’ toward a new year.

My wife, our dog, and I always look forward to this season. And we even feel a bit misty after it’s over.

So, at this time of the year, I find myself even more charitable and cheery than usual.

My wife and I give gloves, scarves, and varied sundries (coffee, cannoli, fruit) to some of the less fortunate in our ‘hood whom we see on a regular basis. 

I stop and chat with the elderly or lonely, and let them pet my dog as we do so.

There are many mornings and evenings my dog and I chill in Central Park with a lonely New Yorker on bench, and listen to his or her story as my dog is affectionately stroked by the above mentioned to experience a good vibe.

It’s the time of year where (most) people tend to be a little nicer to one another. Or at least I’d like to hope so.

Regardless of religious affiliation, beliefs, or socioeconomic circumstance, why can’t we just appreciate the good vibe that people share and celebrate around this time?

Whatever that may be.

It’s visually and auditorally stimulating: Christmas lights. Ornaments.  Sitting on a strange man’s lap. Eggnog. Animated specials with puppets, reindeer, and plastic celebrities crooning renditions of “White Christmas.” It’s a funky-ass time of year!

It’s a fun time of year to go to office parties too where we walk that fine line of self-control and wearing the lampshade on your head.

When it comes to indulging in the consumption of spirits and wolfing-down holiday pastries, I sometimes feel very out of control at this time of year.

On many levels, admittedly, I have poor impulse control…that’s why I get swashbucklingly  excited and feel giddiness brought on by holiday music, the mood it sets, and wintertime sustenance.

Well, at this time of year, whenever I stroll past New York pizza joints, Italian bakeries or wine shops, I smile. There’s something about the last month of the year that makes everything seem more festive and fun. 

This time of year makes my heart sing (like a “Wild Thing”, I think I love you) to trogg up and down the avenues of Gotham listening to Holiday tunes flowing from shops, or on playing on the ol’ iPod (mixed in with classic rock tunes of course.)

 And I, like others, want to feel better during these damn dark times.  We need to, nay, we must feel better!

Thus, I’m determined to stay in the Holiday spirit (which to me means, being nicer to our fellow Man, giving to those in need, and paying-it-forward with little individualized deeds and gestures.) As a matter of fact, I’m going to buy a stranger in-need a cannoli and cappuccino for the Hell of it on the next walk to Central Park. 

So woe betide the mofos, haters, and Scrooges who attempt to micturate on the masses’ proverbial parades – who’re just trying to feel better about life, struggle through, and make the best of it when the world’s gone friggin’ loco!

Take a deep breath, relax and let the sun shine in.

It’ll soon be a new year, and you can go back to the grind of complaining about things ad nauseam.

So, in the meantime….

My dog and I wish you happy holidays, cool celestial celebrations, and enjoyable non-denominational get-togethers (to complain about the aforementioned.)

 Here’s a doggone great way for cool cats to look at all the December celebrations:

Here’s to a grand and glorious star to the upcoming dog days of 2016! 

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