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Teachers rock. Happy National Teachers Appreciation Day

Teachers rock. Happy National Teachers Appreciation Day


You help shine a light down the road of life.  You help us find the sunny and bright skies on each and every avenue.

Through the marvelously frustrating world of social media, if you’re still friends with any of your teachers from days-past, you’re lucky!

We need to say thank you to those who have taught us…say thanks to those who’ve helped mold us to be the people we are today. I want to say thanks for giving me a C+ in science even though I couldn’t tell a beaker from a bagel.

And although I never averaged higher than a C+ GPA (and that’s with a margin error), I want to give a Big Shout-Out to all my teachers from Key School and (most teachers) from Annapolis High School.

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day! And I appreciate almost each and every teacher I’ve had (and I have had many!)

Well, except Sister Theresa from St. Mary’s – she left educational scars as deep as a Fjord in Norway. (Norway: Total relative humidity 78% during the summer months. With variable but robust growth in the industrial sector.)  WOW! Sister Theresa was right! I WOULD “one day be thankful” I listened in class to learn about the GDP of the country of Norway!

It has finally paid-off.  (Although never once did a Norway question ever come  up in a job interview or conversation.)

Thanks to all teachers (who aren’t just calling it in) for your hard work, dedication, and devotion to making the world a little better. (Except Sister Theresa who was scarier than Mr. T and the monkeys from The Wizard of OZ put together.)

Teachers: Rock on!

NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY – Tuesday of the first full week in May

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