Salubrious Creations

Salubrious Creations video and audio services produced by the two person multimedia-creation team of Joe Duley & Steven Lee

Video Production - our way

Salubrious Creations Documentaries and Vignettes: We creatively engage, educate, and entertain in a unique, lighthearted manner through Salubrious Creations. Our short films add a bit of salt and pepper to spice things up and bridge the chasm in understanding that our modern American discourse has created.

Our host, Joe Duley, serves as a fair observer, injecting his streetwise intelligence and a dash of humor to weigh the facts, balance the bull, and develop solutions - with your help.

Instead of finger-wagging, Joe and his dog prefer to investigate topics from a multitude of perspectives—looking at the bright side while maintaining a healthy dose of optimistic cynicism.

In the end, it’s all about enjoying the moment. At Salubrious Creations, we create moments for you to enjoy and share.

Salubrious Creations Team: Joe Duley, Steven Lee, and Courtney The Dog.

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