Joe Duley

Joe is a well-traveled, streetwise humanitarian and raconteur: contemplating today's conundrums (but keepin' it real). He and his occasional [K-9] companion, Courtney, reach out to our world one person at a time - one story at a time, one moment at a time. Joe indulges all kinds of people in candid conversation - from pop culture to politics to current events. Joe emphasizes the simple pleasures, finding work/life balance, exploring & observing life in our world - while being introspective - to realistically share and search for positive vibes and commonality in today's celebrity-obsessed, disconnected, overly-computerized world.

Through his extensive travels, broadcast and media experience, Joe has developed an unparalleled capacity for establishing relationships, revealing universal truths, posing questions and injecting hardscrabble sage advice, humor & heart into a world inundated with dystopian entertainment, dangerous food additives, and a general lack of civility.

As a vlogger and writer, Joe weaves a tapestry of thought-provoking tales from the streets of New York City and the mecca of metropolitan mindfulness - Central Park - where he distills the Human Experience into a celebration of all that is right in the world as he acknowledges those who make a difference. (In his cynically optimistic way, of course.)

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